TPV 1200 BTB

•  TPV 1200 BTB is a variable displacement, compact tandem axial piston pump, with swashplate system, for closed loop hydro- static transmissions.


•  Flow rate is proportional to the rotation speed and displacement, and is conti- nuously variable.

It increases as the swashplate angle moves from “0” to maximum position.

If the swashplate is positioned beyond the neutral point, the flow rate respectively fol- lows one of the two directions.


•  The TPV 1200 BTB is equipped with a bo- ost pump, "gerotor" type of new design and high efficiency to keep the circuit pressuri- sed, to compensate the oil leakages of the hydrostatic transmission, to avoid cavitation of the piston pump and to supply low pres- sure oil flow to the remote controls of  the pumps and of the hydraulic  transmission (max 3 MPa).


•  The standard version is of mechanical type on which, by means of a lever, the change of flow in the two directions is obtained.


•  This series of pumps can be with a hydraulic servo control or electro-proportional control which allows the control of the pump by me- ans of hydraulic or electric joysticks.


•  Moreover the pump is fitted with relief val- ves and it is adapted for assembly of auxi- liary gear pumps.


• The compact tandem TPV 1200 BTB, are available with splined or parallel shaft and can be supplied with options such as purge valve, screw by-pass valve and, for security, "man on board" valve.


•  The piston pumps are to be considered as individual components for the purposes of


Directive 98/37/EC, therefore have been built to be integrated into a circuit or to be assembled with other components to form a machine or system. They can be opera- ted only after they have been  installed in the machine/system which  they are inten- ded for.


•  The TPV 1200 BTB pumps must be used to create, manage and regulate oil flow in a closed loop system. Any other use should be considered improper.


• The pumps are built according to the techno- logy normally used for this type of product. There is the risk of injury or damage to personnel during their installation and use if you do not respect the normal safety in- structions or if used by untrained personnel.

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