TPV 3200

TPV 3200 series is a family of variable displacement axial piston pumps for use in closed circuits.

The displacement is continuously variable by means of a tilting swash plate, and the oil flow direction is reversible.


The following range of controls is available:


•              Automotive

•              Hydraulic proportional without feed-back

•              Hydraulic proportional with feed-back

•              Manual lever with feed-back

•              Manual with zeroing

•              Manual without zeroing

•              Electric two position (On-Off)

•              Electric impulse

•              Electric proportional with feed-back

•              Electric proportional without feed-back


Two through drive options for auxiliary pump mounting and options are available:



•              Pressure ilter

•              Filter with electrical clogging sensor

•              Power limiter

•              Exchange valve

•              Electric Cut-Off valve

•              Hydraulic inching

•              Mechanical inching

•              Through drive - SAE "A" 4g - 17132 DP

•              Through drive - SAE "B" 413 - 17132 DP

•              Through drive - SAE "B-B" 415 - 17132 DP


Peak operations must not excide 1% of every minute.

A simultaneus maximum pressure and maximum speed are not recommended.


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