TPD 70 (56+26 / 53+53 DIN)

The TPD (56+26 / 53+53 DIN) dual displacement pumps are an ideal solution for vehicles that require two different flows.

Dual displacement pumps are the best solution for vehicles with several types of hydraulic equipment such as garbage trucks, where a single flow big pump requires a more complicated hydraulic circuit.

TPD pumps also allow different movements or fast / low speed selection.

TPD pumps are an economic solution together with high performance.

TPD pumps come with two equal flows or with one large and one small flow.


They allow:

-              two different circuits

-              parallel working operations


TPD 56+26 is a twin pump with two separate lows of different size.

TPD 53+53 is a twin pump with two separate lows of the same size.

The maximum pressure reaches up to 400 bar for each low. It can be offered with right (R) or left (L) direction of rotation.

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