PLO SERIES 28-45-60-80-112-200

PLO series swash-plate type axial piston pumps are designed to satisfy medium to heavy-duty open circuit applications in the mobile, industrial, marine and other industries.

PLO pumps are available in nominal displacements ranging from 28 to 200 cc/rev with various pressure, flow, and combination control options.


Key features of PLO pumps include:

- Continuous pressure rating of 320 bar, 250 bar for PLO60.

- High overall efficiency (> 90% peak)

- Exceptional self priming capabilities.

- American (SAE) or European (ISO) mounting and shaft

- Excellent reliability and very long service life.

- High power to weight ratio.

- Numerous control options.

- Variety of optional through drives.

- Quick control response.

- Low pulsation and noise levels.

- Integral unloading valve or proportional pressure relief valve available

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