Suction Filters : MSZ

Port sizes: 1/2” ÷ 3”
Flow rates: 15 ÷ 550 l/min
Bypass valve: 30 kPa (0,3 bar) ± 10% on request
Filter element collapse pressure:
standard: ∆p 100 kPa (1 bar)
Working temperature: -25 ÷ +90°C
Connector: polyamide
Internal core: zinc plated steel
End cap: zinc plated steel
Full with fl uids: HH-HL-HM-HV-HTG
(according to ISO 6743/4).
For fl uids different than the above mentioned,
please contact our Sales Department.
All tests performed according
to the following standards:
ISO 2941: Element collapse resistance test
ISO 2942: Production integrity test
ISO 2943: Fluids compatibility
ISO 3723: End load test method
ISO 3724: Flow fatigue resistance method
ISO 3968: Pressure drop versus fl ow rate
ISO 16889: Multipass test.
For further information contact our Technical Dept.
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