Off-Line Filters : HYDRO DRY

DESCRIPTION: · The hydro-dry filter elements remove up to 80% of the free water present in the oil.

· The hydro-dry elements use the WR filter media, working by absorption and ensuring a high water retention capacity.

· To get the maximum water removal efficiency the hydro-dry elements must be used at constant flow rate and low and constant pressure, i.e. the ideal use is in a off-line filter or in a filtration trolley.

· The hydro-dry elements remove also the solid contamination (ß10 > 2), but we recommend that the main part of solid contamination is removed upstream by a dedicated return filter.

· The hydro-dry elements are available in standard dimensions, to fit standard filter housings.

· A clogging indicator set at 130 kPa (1,3 bar) on the filter housing is recommended for proper replacement of the clogged element.

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