TMF 600 ( TMF 28,50,100)

The main advantage of design is that it provides a guaranteed minimal clearance between the elements of the axial piston group without constant preload forces. This advantage reduces the losses from the friction and provides higher starting torque. Using brass bushings and bimetal distributor plate reduced friction and allows higher revolutions of work, less heating of the motor and the oil. At the same time the reduced wearing out provides the longer motor life. Other improvements are in pistons and piston shoes. The pistons are longer with large neck diameter in that way ensure long operation life under high pressure. The piston shoes are with increased diameter ensuring long operation life.

 These improvements in design of the TMF motor gain big advantage over the typical swash plate motors. The starting torque is close to the starting torque of the bent axis motors and the total efficiency of design in   normal working modes is similar to the bent axis motors. The main advantage of design over the bent axis motors is that the pulsations and vibrations during the operation are much less .Another advantage is that the   swash plate motors are more reliable than the bent axis motors.

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