Synetech is a leading importer and designer of hydraulic system since 2001 in Thailand.

    Synetech  is a distributor of gear pumps, piston pumps, orbital motors, piston motors, hydraulic control valves and hydraulic filters which are being used in variety of industries. Our customers are including manufacturers of agricultural machinery, mining, machinery, and Industrial applications.



    Synetech team have well trained technicians and hydraulics experts can help you create the perfect system, get the components and products you need, and maintain and repair your system for the long term, the right system, with the right service and maintenance, and our expect is to help you get that perfect system. 



    The design of hydraulic system is done by engineers who have expertise and experience for many years. We also provide modification and repair hydraulic systems, as well as consultation on hydraulic system designs to fit your specifications.

    Our staffs are experience in new design machinery, as well as equipments that are defective and need to be repaired. We also provide advice on installation until your machines are up and running.